Shipwreck Beach – Corfu, Greece

Shipwreck Beach – Corfu, Greece

This is a re-post of a previous blog, on our visit to Shipwreck Beach, or Black Rock Beach in Corfu in August 2016. We had a few technical issues but are up and running and here is a reminder of our wonderful afternoon at a unique beach!

What a stunning place!

To get there we had to park in the area of Agios Gordios Beach, and then walk North along the beach to the now semi-closed Black Rocks Cafe/Restaurant. A path leads through to the other side of the black rocks and then another small beach appears. Pass this, and the uneven rocky surface, and you will see the shipwreck. Be sure to wear strong sandals, if not proper shoes, this is NOT flip flop terrain !

Here is the location:

More on the way !


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