Let’s get things started…

Let’s get things started…

This has certainly been a very long time in the making, but finally we are here!!!!!

Immersive Travel is an idea that has been brewing for a very long time (actually a really long time!)

What is Immersive?

The word immersive simply came about one day as it was the only word I, or rather ‘we’, could think of, that actually described the way that we (and it turns out – many people) like to travel…

Who are we?

Alex. Having been brought up in and around the travel industry, I guess I was destined to end up writing about it! I started off my experience in this amazing industry as a room-boy / receptionist / waiter at a family run 2 star hotel in Greece during the summer holidays. Over the following 16 years (urgh) I have been involved with micro-management of a self-catering luxury villa complex / tour operation / extensive travel worldwide as a hotel contractor and have ended up as a product manager of hotels, specialising in the Indian Ocean. My job has taken me to places many only dream about and exposed me to some of the best hotels and experiences this planet has to offer… But truly, my way of travelling is quite different, and it’s something that my girlfriend (Kat) and I have become really passionate about.

Kat. Having been brought up in Greece and then having studied Marine Biology in the UK, Kat has found herself climbing through levels of the hospitality industry to end up at the very highest peak of the luxury retail industry. Being in such a stressful environment for quite some time has led her (and so have I) to appreciate the real essence of escapism that travelling can offer, even if only for 48 hours!

Although we are not the backpacking type, we really do look forward to exploring a destination, past all the tourist traps and regularly visited spots in a destination. We aim to visit a place and leave in the knowledge that even though we have only been there for a short while (or sometimes a long while…) we have really dived into whatever the place has to offer. Whether it be food (always food); culture; scenery; experience; we aim to do as much as we can and with this page, site, blog, whatever you want to call it, we hope to first and foremost inform you of the various experiences in each destination, but hopefully encourage some people to be a little bit more adventurous and really immerse (you see?) themselves in the next place they visit.

We aim to document our travels from now on and of course revisit previous trips, with the aid of our own photography and opinions, trying our best to convey the heart of wherever we visit.

So for now, we have to get the hang of working out how to control this website, and no doubt it will evolve as we go along, but stay tuned for upcoming destinations: Vienna, Slovakia, Milan, Corfu and some very cool info about recent trips to Barcelona, Catalunya, Maldives and, of course, our current favourite destination and inspiration, Sri Lanka.



Kat Sunset Lefkada

Lefkada, Greece, Sunset

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